ProDJlive 1.017

Great for DJs wanting great music and an easy way to play it on their computer
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Great for DJs, nightclubs and people wanting great music and an easy way to play it on their computer.
Main features:
- Free version of the software limits use to between 50 and 90 minutes and 5000 songs maximum
- Registered/Paid version unlocks to unlimited time and about 250,000 songs in the database. (larger database options are available)
- Importing of MP3 (wav and other file formats shortly) into a searchable database
- Supports more than one sound card (one for main output and one for headphones/cueing)
- Ability to add them to the "on air" playlist easily
- Automatic mixing between songs (optional) or press F5 key to mix on demand
- Automatic volume leveling (optional)
- More photos of ProDJLive DJ mixing software (scroll down this page)
- VERY EASY TO USE. Start the program, go to database, go to import songs, point to your MP3s.
- Under testing it took 4 hours to import 80,000 MP3 files into the database
- Searching for a song took less than 1.5 seconds out of 80,000 songs on a fairly new computer running XP Pro
- 80,000 songs takes up about 80 MB of data (about the size of 20 MP3 songs) space on your drive.
- ProDJLive™ DJ mixing software currently is for mixing MP3 files but we are working on more formats depending on what people ask for.
- Great for mixing at weddings and parties without beat mixing as it does not have auto-beat mixing functions at this time.

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